What to eat in Venice: the traditional food you must try

Baccala Mantecatto tipic dishes

When you plan a trip to Venice, we are sure that one of the first questions you ask yourself is: what to eat in Venice?
There’s some many things to eat in Venice that you should stay here a month to taste them all, but here’s why we decided to help you out and list those traditional food dishes you definitely must try.
Let’s start with some appetizers and then with some main courses. After reading this article you’ll definitely know what to eat in Venice, especially if you’re coming for the first time.

Sarde in Saor
You probably have already heard about this typical Venetian dish, made by sardines and onions. Venetian sailors used to it them often, since the onions among sardines could actually conserve the whole dish for a long time.
You can eat it as a “chicheto”, accompanied with a glass of prosecco, or you can have it as main course.

Baccalà mantecato
If you see a soft white mousse behind on bacaro’s counter, usually spread on a piece of bread, that’s what we call “baccalà mantecato”. It’s a delicious mousse of codfish, prepared with some milk, following an ancient and not-so-easy recipe.
Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll crave for more!

Fried moeche
Among the things you must eat in Venice there are the so-called moeche: soft-shell crabs. The tradition wants them to be fried alive and even if it sounds cruel, the few places which serves them, they actually follow the original recipe.
They are pretty rare and you’ll be very lucky if you can taste them.

Half boiled Egg with anchovies
Don’t get fooled by the simplicity of this dish, because this is a typical cicheto too. This half boilf egg is flavoured with salt, pepper and some olive oil, and served with a marinated anchovy.

Spaghetti alla Busara
You will love this. It’s a plate of spaghetti, served with a yummy and delicate scampi sauce. Its recipe is very ancient too, in fact, it seems that the word “busara” comes from the name of the pot where Venetian saliors used to cook the sauce.

Squid Ink spaghetti
Be ready to have a black smile right after finishing this plate of spaghetti, but except that you’ll be very satisfied. This is really typical and loved by Venetians: some spaghetti with a delicious squid ink sauce. Kids usually adore it.

Fegato alla Veneziana
Literally translated as “Venetian Liver & Onions” it’s actually a pork or a lamb liver, served with onions and some polenta.
The so-called polenta is another traditional Venetian food you must try. It is usually eaten instead of bread, since it’s made by flour and water. It can be yellow or white, but it’s delicious anyway.