Where to go to eat as a Venetian in Cannaregio: non-touristic venues


When you would like to go to eat in Venice it is never easy to give advice, firstly because of the great variety of restaurants and then due to everyone’s personal taste. In this article we want you to try Venetian cuisine in 6 venues in Cannaregio.

Osteria Anice Stellato

In Fondamenta della Sensa hides Anice Stellato, an osteria that is very much linked to the history of Venice as a crossroads for the spice trade. The menu offers reinterpretations of traditional dishes with the use of high quality ingredients.
It offers a romantic and elegant atmosphere with the possibility of reserving a table overlooking the canal.

Osteria Ca’ d’Oro alla Vedova

A historic restaurant just a few steps from palazzo Ca’ D’Oro, famous for its meatballs and meat and vegetable pies. There is no shortage here of traditional dishes such as baccalà mantecato and sarde in saor, which taste even better when served with excellent polenta.
Shall we talk about the first courses? Besides the pasticcio, try the ‘bigoli in salsa‘, you will fall in love with them!

Osteria Bepi Antico 54

A rustic osteria, run by a Venetian family, passed down from father to son… We are at Bepi Antico 54, just a few steps from Campo Santi Apostoli. If you are looking for an authentic Venetian experience here you are in the right place! The dishes are characterised by local and seasonal ingredients, elegantly presented. Among the starters you can also find granseola, a dish you really must try! The warm light and slightly retro style of the restaurant also make it suitable for intimate dinners for couples.

Osteria Al Bacco

Just behind the Ghetto Nuovo, in Fondamenta delle Capuzine, you’ll find Il Bacco, an old-fashioned osteria with the menu of the day at lunchtime, typical Venetian dishes properly prepared and generous portions. One of those real resident places, where the official language is Venetian.

Antica Adelaide

Antica Adelaide, between Ca’ d’Oro and Fondamente Nove, in Calle Priuli Racheta, enchants with its art nouveau style main hall, with a stained glass window at the back, paintings on the walls and antiques. It offers many delicious Venetian dishes, including bigoli alla busera.

Da’a Marisa

Marisa is a true institution in Venice, just a few steps from the Ponte dei Tre Archi. The trattoria is part of the city’s history. You eat whatever you have on your plate, just like at home!
The daily menu alternates between meat and fish, without the slightest twist in the dishes, as one would expect from a typical trattoria all of a piece. The ambience is absolutely homely and even a little cramped in keeping with Venetian tradition. Reservations are a must!

These are some of the places to eat in Venice that we recommend you try, but if you are looking for something special in the Cannaregio area, ask us for advice at reception: we will be happy to help you find the perfect restaurant for your evening!