All the events in Venice in 2024, a must-see!

As every year, there are many events that take place in Venice, and in this 2024 too, anniversaries will not be forgotten, let alone moments of celebration and the opening of new shows or exhibitions.
We have gathered here all the 2024 events in Venice, dividing them season by season, starting with the coldest one: winter.

Events in Venice in winter

During the winter, there is not only Christmas to celebrate, but also the famous Venice Carnival. From 27 January to 13 February, in fact, the appointment is with confetti and streamers, in the Venetian calli and campi, enjoying delicious frittelle and other typical Carnival sweets.
During the carnival period, there are many different events, starting with the Venetian Water Festival, which opens the Carnival season, the Flight of the Angel in St Mark’s Square and the many masked balls organised in the ancient Venetian palaces.
Don’t forget to add each of these events to your agenda, because experiencing Venice at Christmas and during Carnival is something that is priceless.

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Events in Venice in spring

Spring is the best time to visit Venice, as the weather is pleasant and usually sunny enough to favour long walks outdoors. Moreover, spring is the season par excellence of the Venice Biennale and its collateral events. The Venice Biennale promotes new artistic trends and organises events in the contemporary arts according to a unique multidisciplinary model since 1895 between art, architecture, cinema, dance, music and theatre. Don’t miss its vernissage from 17 to 19 April!
If you are fond of walking and being outdoors in spring in Venice, you cannot miss the Su e Zo per i ponti (Up and Down the Bridges), a traditional event in Venice consisting of a solidarity walk that has been taking place through the city’s historic centre since 1975.
April is also the month in which the city’s patron saint, St Mark, is celebrated on the 25th, but be prepared to see a lot of rosebuds around Venice, because on this day love is also celebrated.
If you’re in Venice for May, you can attend the Festa de la Sensa, which commemorates the traditional marriage between Venice and the sea, or the traditional Vogalonga. Both will take place in May
May is also the month of the famous Boat Show, a fair dedicated to boat and equipment enthusiasts, exploring every aspect of sailing and boat building.

Venice in summer: the events

Summer is a time of important events, such as the Festa del Redentore, another traditional Venetian event the Venetians hold dear. On this day you will see countless boats plying the waters of the Grand Canal in the direction of St Mark’s Basin to watch the fireworks display held every year at midnight. Try to find a suitable place to enjoy the fireworks if you really want to enjoy one of the most beautiful nights of the year.
This year also marks the centenary of Giacomo Puccini, and to mark the occasion there will be a special concert with the Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro La Fenice in Piazza San Marco on 13 July.
Summer cannot end without hosting the famous Film Festival takes place on the island of Lido, an unmissable event for film and ‘red carpet’ lovers.
Last but not least, the Regata Storica, a race between rowing boats of the famous Venetian oarsmen, on the first Sunday in September.

Autumn: events in Venice

The season continues with the Venice Glass Week in September, to raise awareness of glassmaking as an artistic and economic activity in the city.
Autumn is a season full of traditions to remember. On 21 November, Venetians celebrate the feast of the Madonna della Salute, a day dedicated to the memory of a major plague epidemic that struck the Serenissima. If you have the chance to be in Venice at this time, you will understand for yourself how important and heartfelt this day is for the entire city.
In October, there is the annual marathon in Venice, in which everyone can participate, young and old, even you and your family; and the High-end Italian Craftsmanship Fair, which celebrates Italian art and craftsmanship in the heart of the lagoon, cradle of ancient crafts and know-how handed down over the centuries.

Are you ready to pack the bags and visit Venice season by season?