Where to drink a spritz in Venice

You can take everything from us, but not our Spritz. That’s the truth.
Spritz is the typical Venetian aperitif which origins date back to the 19th century, during the Austrian Domination. Originally it was made by white wine and some water, but not you can find it in 3 different versions, at least.
We suggest you to taste the most traditional one, made by prosecco, water and Aperol, but if you like a more bitter taste, you should try the ones with Bitter or Select.

Where to drink a Spritz in Venice
We have already explained what a “bacaro” is in a previous article, this is the kind of place you have to look for if you want to try a real Venetian Spritz.
Venice is almost full of these little bars and you won’t have any difficulties in finding a place where to taste your first spritz, but exactly because there are many, we would like to suggest you some places near our boutique hotel where you can go.

Da Luca e Fred
This tiny bar is located almost in front of us, where the two owners, Luca and Fred, are preparing glasses of Spritz and several “chicchetti” every day.
Rio Terà San Leonardo, 1518, 30121 Sestiere Cannaregio VE

Al Parlamento
You can order a Spritz at the Parlamento bar and drink it while sitting on a chair facing the canal, just a 3 minutes from our hotel. Don’t miss to taste their “tramezzini”.
Sestiere Cannaregio, 511, 30121 Venezia

Al Timon
This is one of the bars on Fondamenta dei Ormesini, a place where you can sip your Spritz while sitting on a boat, docked to the bank. Along this Fondamenta you will find a lot of other bars among which you can choose and taste a wonderful spritz.
Fondamenta dei Ormesini, 2754, 30121 Venezia

Cantina Vecia Carbonera
One of the oldest bacari in Venice, located on the way to Saint Mark’s Square. Even if is situate in a very tourist place, Venetians still go there for the happy hour.
Cannaregio 2329, 30100 Venezia

The price for a spritz usually range from 2.50 to 3.50 euros, it depends from the size of the glass and if you have something to eat included.
Doesn’t this make you a little bit curious? If you want to know more about our Venetian Spritz, you can read its story here.