Venice Biennale 2022: how to get to the event and where to buy your tickets.

Venice Biennale: how to get there and where to buy tickets

Since the times of the Serenissima, Venice has stood out for its architectural beauty, its artistic taste and its love for everything that is art and culture, so it is not by chance that it is the city where the most famous International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the world was born: the Biennale. 

Its name derives from the fact that the event was initially organised every two years, except for the Film Festival, which became annual in 1935.

The purpose of this event has always been, to give voice to new artistic trends from all over the world. Every year, 29 pavilions dedicated to 29 countries are set up in the Giardini, but in recent years the Venice Biennale has not only been located here, near the Arsenale but throughout the city, with 1700 m2 of exhibition areas, distributed in all the sestieri. 

Few people know that the Venice Biennale and the Venice Film Festival are the oldest, still existing, events of this kind. This year the 59th edition is going to take place and the title of the event is “The Milk of Dreams“. It will start on the 23rd of April and end on the 27th of November 2022. 

The theme of the International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2022

This year the artists will tackle a very important theme: transformation. 
Through the works on display, you will experience a magical journey to discover the metamorphosis of bodies, in response to a historical moment in which the survival of mankind is strongly threatened. 
Among the thematic areas, there will also be space to talk about the relationship between man and technology, and the bond that inextricably binds every living being to the earth. It would be a shame to miss it, wouldn’t it?

How to get to the Venice Biennale

Getting to the Venice Biennale from our hotel is very easy. If you are willing to walk, you can reach the Gardens on foot, it takes about 45 minutes, along Strada Nuova, passing by Piazza San Marco and in front of Palazzo Ducale, and then continue along Riva Degli Schiavoni.

On the other hand, you have purchased the Venezia Unica City Pass in the Gold version, which includes public transport, or if you simply prefer to get there by water, you can take vaporetto line 5.1 at the Guglie stop, a 5-minute walk from our hotel, and then get off at the Giardini Biennale “b” landing stage. The journey time is approximately 39 minutes. 

Where to buy tickets for the Venice Biennale

You can buy tickets online on the official website of the Venice Biennale. The cost of the full ticket is 25,50€ and it is not refundable. However, if you have the Biennale Silver Card, you will not have to pay anything. If you are over 65 years old, the ticket price is 20,50€.  

How long does it take to visit the Biennale?

The answer is:  it depends. We recommend at least 2 days to visit the 29 pavilions located in the Giardini and the part of the exhibition hosted in the Arsenale. If you intend to dedicate some time to the collateral exhibitions around the city, then we recommend a stay of at least 4 or 5 days, so that you can also enjoy the beautiful city of Venice. 


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